Transport Safety

Driving Towards Zero Today


Inspired by our Zero Today mindset, we aim to deliver our products within our company and to our customers globally with zero incidents and injuries. This is a continuous improvement journey – driven by a layered approach to safety systems spanning good equipment design and maintenance practices, effective contractor and supplier management, adoption and implementation of modern vehicle safety technologies, and enhanced driver engagement supported by training, monitoring and coaching. We complement all of these with digitalized tools for performance measurement.

The success of this layered approach to incident prevention is reflected in the facts and figures. On average, our drivers complete over 500,000 hours of transport training – every year! We continue to embrace new vehicle technologies and safe behavioral practices to improve our transport safety performance. Some examples include the use of fatigue and distraction devices, collision avoidance warning systems and roll stability systems.

Our Drivers’ commitment to safety

U.S., Hydrogen Fleet

We are an industry leader in the production and transportation of liquid Hydrogen. With 5 liquid production facilities, we safely transport Liquid Hydrogen millions of miles each year. All our drivers transporting liquid Hydrogen undergo a rigorous multi-week training program.

Turkey, Advanced VR Training

In Turkey, we are using advanced Virtual Reality simulators to help train drivers on the customer delivery process. The system uses a VR headset and hand controls, and allows the drivers to improve their skills and simulate uncommon situations in a controlled environment.

Malaysia, Rollover Simulator

Linde makes significant investments in driver training to improve transport safety. One such example is the installation of a state-of-the-art vehicle rollover simulator in Malaysia. Driving simulators helps Linde drivers practice safe response procedures to high-risk events.

Central America & Mexico: Training on a Racetrack

We rent a racetrack to give professional drivers the chance to practice advanced driving fundamentals. Drivers practice a variety of braking and maneuvering techniques that builds a safer Linde driver team.

665 million miles driven annually

We have transport operations in 80+ countries and on average, our drivers travel over 650 million miles (or 1,056mm Kms) per year. This is equivalent to over 1,360 round trips to the moon… and back!