Compliance Assurance

Assuring Compliance

Linde businesses around the world conform to requirements in Linde’s Global Safety, Health, Environment and Quality Management System and locally adapted requirements that are aligned with industry, local and international standards. Compliance to management system requirements is assured by an internal assessment program and external certifications.

External Certifications

Linde management systems are aligned with industry and international standards for environment, safety and quality, such as Responsible Care®, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001. This enables Linde sites to obtain third party certification to applicable international standards in our operating segments, as needed.

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Internal Assessment Program

Linde's internal assessment program includes type "A" and "B" assessments and facility self-assessments. Type A assessments are led by Global Safety, Health, Environment and Quality staff or their designated agent. Type B assessments are led by a member of one of the regional business units. Both type A and B assessments are independent of the facility being audited, and assessments are tracked by Global SHEQ. Facility self-assessments are also conducted by local or regional personnel to help facilities identify areas in need of improvement. Topics covered may include process safety, transportation safety, personnel safety, environment, pharmacovigilance and quality. In addition to promoting compliance, the Global Assessment program aims to foster Safety as a core value for every Linde employee.