Animal Testing

Linde's Responsible Animal Testing Policy

Statement of Policy

Linde is committed to animal welfare. Animal testing is rarely needed for the manufacture of Linde products or services and our goal is to eliminate animal testing. It may be used only where required by government regulation or as a last resort, when all other options, including searches for computer models, scientific studies, published literature, etc. have been exhausted. Any required animal testing will be reviewed and approved by the Chief Technology Officer.

When we determine that scientific animal testing is needed, Linde mandates the humane treatment of animals. We do not conduct any animal testing in our own laboratories. We select laboratories that comply with high standards and applicable government regulations governing laboratory animal care and treatment, such as the U.S. Animal Welfare Act, and that follow procedures set out by standards bodies such as the Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care - International, or the National Institutes of Health (Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals), or recognized equivalent standards.

If a necessary scientific animal test is performed, it must be logged within 30 days.

Product testing or demonstrations at customer sites are conducted in conformance with best manufacturing practice used by industry and applicable government regulations.