Chemicals of Concern

Linde’s Position Statement Regarding Chemicals of Concern

Global, Applicable to all Linde Operations

Linde’s commitment to health, safety, and environmental responsibility means that we always act and operate in a way that prevents harm to people, the environment, and the communities in which we operate. Our Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) policy calls for the company to exhibit behaviors and values that reflect the high value we place on this commitment. It applies to all Linde employees and contractors and all Linde business activities. We expect all our employees and contractors to conduct themselves at all times in alignment with our values, commitments, and principles in this statement. Linde is signatory to the International Council of Chemical Associations (ICCA) Responsible Care Global Charter and the American Chemistry Council (ACC) Responsible Care Guiding Principles. With these commitments, Linde joins chemical manufacturers around the world to foster the safe and secure manufacturing, use, transport, and disposal of chemicals and to provide hazard and risk information that can be accessed and applied in use of these products.

Linde’s customers may use products recognized as chemicals of concern in applications common for certain industries, including electronics. Based upon the specialized needs of these customers, Linde may supply these customers with such products, including carbon monoxide, arsine, phosphine, cobalt and formaldehyde. Linde may not necessarily sell each of these products in a given year; however, Linde provides estimates of the sales of these products for purposes of transparency. Linde estimates that any sales from these five products, combined, represent no more than 2% of Linde’s global sales.

Compliance, Activities and Responsibilities

Linde has a longstanding system of product stewardship, an approach to managing product safety that goes beyond regulatory compliance. It encompasses traditional product safety management as well as human health, environmental, distribution, and design safety management. The core objective of Linde product stewardship activities is to promote continuous improvement in health, safety, and environmental protection for each of our products. This includes, among other things, the communication of information on the safe use and handling of each product in a timely manner through appropriate use of Safety Data Sheets (SDS), product labeling, product use instructions and customer support. Linde operates in accordance with applicable laws in each jurisdiction. The company maintains strict environmental, health, and safety standards for our products, including aerospace alloys and products supplied to the electronics industry.

Management of Product Stewardship at Linde rests with the vice president of safety, health, health, environment and quality. The vice president reports to a member of the Executive Leadership Team. Linde business, engineering, operations and safety professionals examine the potential environmental, health and safety risks of every new product. The entire life cycle of the product is reviewed - from raw material procurement through manufacturing, distribution, use and disposal.

Commitment to Seek Safer Alternatives & Stakeholder Engagement

While maintaining operations in a safe, compliant, and environmentally conscientious manner, Linde also seeks alternatives where possible. As part of Linde’s SD2028 goals, we have committed to discontinue sales of certain products and continue to work with customers to move to industry-acceptable alternatives. In addition to customers, as appropriate, Linde also engages with suppliers, industry associations, academia, and other organizations regarding such issues.


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This statement is reviewed every three years and updated, as necessary, by the Vice President, Sustainability.