Guidelines & Principles

Diversity and Inclusion Policies & Principles: Making a World of Difference
Our policies and principles foster a diverse and inclusive workplace.


  • Inclusion is a core value that is imperative to our workplace culture.
  • We are committed to achieving a diverse and inclusive workplace of qualified individuals from diverse backgrounds.
  • Diversity and inclusion efforts aim to increase employee engagement and improve performance.
  • We are all responsible for ensuring an inclusive work environment.
  • We must not engage in any discriminating or harassing behavior.
  • We are expected to speak up and report any conduct believed to be discriminatory or harassing to a manager, Human Resources representative, the Legal & Compliance Department or the Linde Integrity hotline.


Linde's Commitment to Inclusion

Inclusion is one of Linde's core values. It is an active process to welcome and include diverse perspectives, experiences and backgrounds in our company, which is critically important to employee engagement, contribution and performance. 

Our goal is to foster diversity and inclusion within the company by providing employment opportunities for all and recruiting, hiring, promoting and compensating people solely based on merit and qualification.

Business Value:

Linde operates in more than 100 countries where diverse talent, customers and ways of working influence business priorities and demand different leadership capabilities. Our business imperative is as follows:

  • Diversity of global markets - We must foster cross-cultural capabilities to meet the demand of the growing populations and economies in the markets in which we operate.
  • Diversity of talent pool and customer base - We must be flexible and agile to meet the rapid diversification and demographic shifts of global talent and customers and their expectations for equality of opportunities.
  • Innovation and new ideas - We must attract diverse ideas and solutions to enhance group performance, productivity and output.
  • Fairness and compliance - As our global footprint expands, we are required to comply with applicable laws and regulations, including those regarding discrimination and equal opportunities.

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