Community Engagement

All Over the Globe, Together We’re Making an Impact

Creating resiliency in our communities and our world

Community is one of our corporate values at Linde, and community engagement at Linde is an integral part of making our world more productive. More than 14,000 times in 2023, our employee volunteers engaged in an individual act of volunteerism in our community. These projects, conducted in 468 sites worldwide, benefited approximately 350,000 people.

View the infographic to learn more about our 2023 Community Engagement in action.


Impacts of Our Community Engagement Projects

Measurement and continuous improvement are keys to project success. In order to realize impact, we include the consideration of needs assessment for all community engagement efforts and evaluate key metrics for community engagement projects. For more than a decade, the results of employee-led community engagement projects were assessed for a significant subset of projects using a methodology developed by the London Benchmarking Group, which measures input, outputs and impacts.

As seen from the 2023 impacts overview below, our community engagement projects positively impact our communities by helping to enrich the quality of life and increasing community resilience. They also bring benefits to our employees and our company.


Benefits for Our Communities

92% of projects positively impacted beneficiaries’ quality of life
93% helped beneficiaries develop positive attitudes
82% developed beneficiaries’ skills or personal growth

Benefits for Our Employee Volunteers

94% of projects helped increase employees’ interpersonal development
89% increased employees’ awareness of community needs
93% positively impacted employees’ outlook on Linde
90% contributed to employees’ personal growth
82% increased employees’ management effectiveness

Benefits for Our Company

95% of projects promoted positive employee engagement
91% positively impacted Linde’s reputation
66% actively engaged Linde’s customers