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Ukraine and Russia

Linde condemns the invasion of Ukraine and is deeply concerned about the resulting humanitarian crisis.  We continue to support our employees and their families in Ukraine to ensure their safety and well-being.  We  are proud of the solidarity demonstrated by our European employees in assisting their Ukrainian colleagues.  Linde is also contributing to international crisis relief agencies who ensure access to urgently needed medicine and aid to those affected by the conflict.

In addition to the previously announced suspension of all business development activities in Russia, Linde is committed to scaling back its operations by ceasing supply to certain customers and divesting industrial assets to reduce its footprint in the country. These actions are taken responsibly, keeping in mind the safety of our Russian employees and local communities in which we operate. Consequently, we will continue to supply essential life-saving medical and other safety critical gases.

Linde will continue to fully comply with existing and future international sanctions.