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Customer Frequently Asked Questions

The new company will leverage the strengths of both Linde and Praxair to provide efficient solutions for our customers with a larger global footprint.  In addition, with its broad technology portfolio and expertise the new company will enable the development and delivery of a broad range of products and solutions.

Customers should experience no change, relative to how they do business now.  Longer term we believe our customers will benefit from our larger global footprint, broader technology portfolio and the expertise and dedication of our combined employees including those in applications development, quality, technology, sales and customer service.

The new company will work to ensure a seamless transition process for customers.  In most areas, customers will be supplied from the same plant, have the same account numbers, order product the same and/or have product inventory managed in the same manner.  In some geographies where assets were divested there is a carefully planned transition agreement.  It is a priority of all parties to ensure continued safe and reliable service for all customers.

Yes, existing terms and conditions will continue until the end of the agreement.

Existing contracts will remain in force and your supply will continue until the end of the agreement.

Negotiations will proceed on the same basis as discussed prior to the merger.

You can contact your company sales representative or explore this website further.

Your business contacts including sales, engineering, project management and accounts payable will remain unchanged on Day One.

Customer portals will remain active post Day One. All registrations and login credentials are retained and remain the same.

Yes, all products and their availability will remain the same.

In case you have experienced any adverse events, please fill out a report at:

Need more help?

Please contact your sales representative for further questions.