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Our first studies around hydrogen mobility date from the 1970's - we were among the first to develop concepts for the production, storage, transport and fueling of hydrogen.

With close to 200 stations built worldwide, we are a one-stop shop for hydrogen fueling solutions - from reliable hydrogen supply through state-of-the-art refueling station systems to customized services. Our entire offering is geared towards low total cost of ownership (TOC) per kilogram of hydrogen fueled.

Our customers can rely on our expertise to plan, design, build and commission high-performance plants tailored to their individual needs. We offer reliable gaseous (GH2) and liquid hydrogen (LH2) supply models, as well as on-site generation plants.

The compression unit is the key component of a hydrogen refueling station. It compresses H2 stored at low pressure to up to 100 MPa. The ideal compression technology depends on a range of factors, such as the initial state of the hydrogen (gaseous or liquid), the station throughput and the type of vehicle to be fueled. Linde offers dedicated compression systems for the most varied requirements. Our proprietary, patented ionic compressor and cryo pump offer reliability, low maintenance and high energy efficiency.

Our key fueling innovations

Our Ionic Compressor, Cryo Pump and IC Fuel Box are at the core of our leading refueling solutions. Find out more below: