Hydrogen Applications

Supporting Customers Achieve Their Decarbonization Targets

Hydrogen is used today across a wide range of industrial processes in sectors such as chemicals, refining, aerospace, electronics, metals, and glass. As the world unfolds the full potential of the lightweight gas, the scope for its application increases beyond its traditional uses to include a key role in decarbonizing transportation and hard-to-abate sectors and in enabling renewable power.

Heavy Industry

How hydrogen can help those harder-to-abate industries meet their targets for tomorrow.
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How hydrogen can help the aviation industry’s decarbonization efforts take off.
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How hydrogen is a key enabler of decarbonizing mobility: from planes to trains and boats to buses.
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Power Buffering

As a versatile energy carrier, hydrogen will play a lead role in the renewable revolution.
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We are using our expertise, extensive network and infrastructure to help accelerate the transition to clean energy. We have been teaming up with industry players, cities and government agencies around the world to develop the necessary infrastructure and technologies that will allow for hydrogen’s widespread and cost-effective use.

Examples of such collaborations are the agreement with Snam, who owns and operates the largest natural gas transmission network in Europe, to jointly develop clean hydrogen projects and the cooperation with Daimler to develop a hydrogen refueling technology for fuel cell-powered heavy-duty vehicles.