Supplier Guidance and Standards

Our procurement teams worldwide make a significant contribution to the performance of Linde and are accountable for the definition and implementation of the overall procurement strategy. Sourcing activities are organized through effective global category management which monitors suppliers and market developments and aggregates Linde’s global demand into multinational supply contracts. Our goals and strategies are fully aligned with the respective business functions, and our guidelines and standards regarding quality and safety are embedded in our day-to-day activities and sourcing decisions.

Global Terms and Conditions

This should serve as a general orientation for Linde’s approach to terms and conditions of purchase. Please reach out to your local business contact for the adapted terms and conditions that apply in your country.

Download our General Terms and Conditions

Supplier Code of Conduct

The Supplier Code of Conduct defines Linde’s most essential requirements for our Suppliers concerning their responsibilities towards Linde and its stakeholders, their employees, societies, and the environment. Linde’s procurement team receives training on topics covered in the Supplier Code of Conduct and is responsible for communicating Linde’s requirements to Suppliers.  

Download the Supplier Code of Conduct
The Supplier Code of Conduct is also available in several other languages. Please view and select from the multiple language versions

Conflict-Free Materials Supply Policy

This policy covers our expectations to suppliers or potential suppliers of conflict minerals or other materials, and their sub-suppliers, to only source materials from environmentally and socially responsible sources and be conflict-free.

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