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Linde gases are used across just about every industry and country in the world
Whether it’s life-saving oxygen for hospitals, food-grade carbon dioxide to carbonate drinks, high-purity and specialty gases for electronics manufacturing or hydrogen for clean fuels, our gases and process technologies are everywhere.

A few highlights:

Additive manufacturing object with lattice structure.

Reducing Waste with Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing, or 3D printing, has the ability to reduce material waste, increase the durability of performance-critical parts, and bring down manufacturing costs. Many factors impact the success of the AM process, including tight control over the atmosphere in the printing chamber. ADDvance® O₂ precision was designed to do just that - and bring AM to new markets and use cases.
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Man fueling bus at hydrogen refueling station for buses

Driving Decarbonization

We are helping to power the decarbonization of public transport by delivering the enabling refueling technologies and hydrogen gas for back-to-base refueling stations such as the RVK reference project in Cologne Germany. By building out the H2 refueling infrastructure with flexible and modular refueling solutions, we are contributing to the accelerated uptake of clean mobility with zero tailpipe emissions.
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Fish farm pools in the Mediterranean sea

Promoting More Sustainable Fish Farming

Our energy-efficient oxygenation solutions for land-based aquaculture tanks are helping to meet growing global demand for more sustainable forms of fish farming. Not only does SOLVOX® OxyStream raise the efficiency of land-based fish farming, it also improves living conditions for fish while relieving environmental pressures on coastal regions otherwise home to sea-based fish cages.
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DIGIGAS Key Visual (blurry version)

Digitalization in Action

Smart sensors and remote management services from Linde play an important role in helping our customers to ensure uninterrupted gas supplies. DIGIGAS® automatically monitors the gas content in cylinders remotely, giving customers anytime, anywhere access to inventory insights. Improved planning and automated replenishment can create further efficiency gains.
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