Advanced Material Technologies

Powering Superior Performance with Advanced Materials

Pushing Boundaries in Tech
Linde Advanced Material Technologies (AMT) takes the lead on innovative solutions - from metallic and ceramic coatings, sputtering targets, additive manufacturing powders, and cutting-edge coating equipment - to help industries surpass performance limits.
Revolutionizing Industry with Superior Innovations

Linde Advanced Material Technologies (AMT) is a leading provider of industry solutions. Our gas-atomized 3D printing metal powders offer unrivaled precision, igniting the additive manufacturing revolution. We've curated a robust portfolio of surface coatings and service applications, adept at combatting corrosion, oxidation, and wear, prolonging the lifespan of critical components. We are committed to excellence, reflected in our electronic division's sputtering targets, designed to deliver consistent sputter performance and extended sputter life through meticulous control over purity and microstructure.

Revolutionizing Industry Solutions with Advanced Materials & Coatings

Linde AMT provides leading industry solutions with precision metal powders for 3D printing, surface coatings, and electronic sputtering targets.