At Linde, the mission of making our world more productive never ends.

Our gases, technologies and applications likely impact your life every day, whether you live in a bustling metropolis or a remote town. They help make your vegetables fresher, your drive safer and your smartphone smarter. They’re used in water, on land, in the sky, and even in space. They help our customers reduce their carbon footprint and enable the transition to clean energy. We’re passionate about what we do because we believe in our global community and our role in protecting our planet. We are Linde, and Linde is everywhere. #LindeIsEverywhere

Picture Perfect

Kick off the evening with the big game on a big screen. Gases like nitrogen, silane and neon are used in producing your flat-screen television so you can root on your favorite teams with a perfect picture that keeps you in the action. #LindeIsEverywhere

Flower Power

An essential component of photosynthesis, carbon dioxide helps flowers reach full bloom. Greenhouse carbon dioxide supply helps increase productivity through improved plant growth and vigor, resulting in earlier flowering and improved stem strength and flower size. #LindeIsEverywhere

Love is in the Air

Forever has a nice ring to it. Linde's oxygen and argon are used to make gold rings. Oxygen helps extract gold in the mining process and argon is used to protect it as it's melted down. #LindeIsEverywhere

Going Hollywood

Using an innovative liquid oxygen/liquid nitrogen mixture, Linde’s SaFog™ Special Effects Service has created spooky fog and smoke effects for major Hollywood blockbusters. In fact, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences honored the technology with a Technical Achievement Award. #LindeIsEverywhere

From Vine to Table

You may have heard through the grapevine that Linde’s gases can be used to make wine. Our sulfur dioxide is used to control fermentation and oxidation, reduce pH levels and destroy micro-organisms on grapes, while dry ice is an ideal way to cool grapes in warm weather. During the bottling process, nitrogen or argon are used to reduce flavors and maintain color, extend shelf life and improve product integrity. #LindeIsEverywhere

Food, Feasts & Family

Did you know that Linde gases can be found at your holiday dinner, or at almost any other meal? With well over 100 years’ experience in the food and beverage industry, Linde food-grade gases are commonly used in food freezing and chilling as well as packaging to ensure that fresh, safe, high-quality food reaches the marketplace, and ultimately, your table. #LindeIsEverywhere

Bright Lights, Big City

Neon is widely used in lighting, but its role has changed from being a gas glowing in a tube to supporting lasers used to make components of the modern display screens seen in big cities across the world. #LindeIsEverywhere

Story Time

Carbon dioxide helps pulp mills reduce chemical loss during the pressing and rewashing stage of pulp and paper production. The reduction of chemical loss helps pulp mills save money and oxygen use helps meet stringent environmental regulations when making the pages of your favorite book. #LindeIsEverywhere


Celebrate special occasions with an ice cold draft. Our carbon dioxide and draft-grade nitrogen result in the perfect pint – great taste and zero waste – from many of your favorite bars and breweries. #LindeIsEverywhere

Wild Ride

Start your amusement park adventure with Linde. Our nitrogen is often used to help launch roller coasters when they are first put into service, ensuring you experience some pulse-pounding fun. #LindeIsEverywhere

Keeping it Cool

Stay cool during the summer heat with Linde. Our oxygen is used to cut metal air-conditioner parts, while argon and carbon dioxide help weld them. #LindeIsEverywhere


Linde is flying high! Our argon, oxygen and surface technologies specialty metal materials are used for thermal barrier coatings on power turbines and airplane jet engines. They also help our customers avoid millions of metric tons of CO2 emissions. #LindeIsEverywhere