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Targets and Performance

Sustainable development targets support our business platform

In this section we lay out targets and each of our six Priority Factors and related key performance indicator areas and provide our annual results of performance against targets for the most recent reporting year. The Performance Dashboard 2018 (GRI 103) shows Praxair’s Sustainable Development 2020 (SD 2020) targets. These are managed targets with full business alignment and reporting. They do not at this point apply to Linde plc. However, as we use a financial scope for reporting 2018, they do apply to most of Linde's reported revenue (80% of 2018 revenue is from Praxair). These targets are therefore the basis for our reporting performance against targets for 2018.

Performance Dashboard 2018 (GRI 103)

Performance Dashboard thumbnail image

Download our 2018 Targets & Performance Dashboard