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Targets and Performance

Sustainable development targets support our business platform

Our sustainability targets are key to our success as One Linde. They support our mission of making our world more productive and drive the sustainability agenda. We started to conduct a materiality analysis at the end of 2019 to develop new targets for our combined company. We consulted our stakeholders about what topics they consider to be material for Linde in the coming years. This allowed us to identify five priority factors and related key performance indicators. These will be managed targets with full business alignment and reporting. We believe it is key to measure our performance against targets and report on them in a transparent way.

Our new climate change targets 2018-2028 were announced by our CEO on our Feb 13, 2020 Earnings Call 4Q and Full Year 2019.  View the presentation 

Our full set of sustainability 2028 targets will be published by the end of Q2/2020.
Our climate targets 2028 are:

  • Investing at least $1B in decarbonization projects
  • Spending one third of R&D budget towards decarbonization initiatives
  • Continuing to invest in promising technologies to reduce carbon
  • Doubling our annual purchase of low carbon power
  • Lowering GHG emissions intensity by 35% (million tons of CO2e divided by adjusted EBITDA)
  • Continue to earn > 50% of our sales from applications that bring sustainable benefits to customers & society
  • Continue to demonstrate that a subset of our applications enable > 2x net carbon benefits