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Linde Inclusion Integration Council

Operationalizing Inclusion across Linde

The Linde Inclusion Integration Council was formed in June 2019 to provide guidance and oversight on successfully operationalizing the Linde value of Inclusion within the newly formed Linde organization.  The LIIC consists of influential business and human resource leaders from around our global regions.  The goals and tactics of LIIC are to review, assess and offer guidance on the Inclusion Strategy, annual planning and accountability and tactics to attract, develop and retain the best global talent from our communities.

Nic Black

Nic Black

“Supporting a diverse and inclusive workplace within Linde is the right thing to do. It gives us the best chance of unlocking the full potential of our people, to ensure that as many as possible can contribute, collaborate, and ultimately thrive in the workplace. I am excited to be a part of the Linde Inclusion Integration Council, to help accelerate our activity in this space, and make a real difference.”

Yvonne Garza photo

Yvonne Garza

"My personal experience working on the Linde Inclusion Integration Council has been truly positive considering that I can contribute in strengthening the Diversity and Inclusion culture, also it provides me the opportunity to bring the best practices to the North Latam Region. On the other hand, it has been very satisfying working in a multicultural team in which we can share opinions, practices, thoughts, and perspectives regarding Diversity and Inclusion around the world which provide us the opportunity to create different proposals for the business. I consider the value of Inclusion as an essential pillar for our organization, this value leads us to have a better work environment."

Ben Glazer photo

Ben Glazer

“We know diversity can boost innovation, employee engagement as well as overall performance. Being part of the Linde Inclusion Integration Council allows me to signal to the rest of the organization how important this is and take a direct role in driving performance in this crucial area.”

Marie-Kristin Hahn photo

Marie-Kristin Hahn

“Our diversity and inclusion efforts will be successful, if a diverse workforce is understood as a value add and business driver for Linde and therefore actively fostered by all leaders in our organization. With our holistic approach and execution discipline we continue to further enhance the value of diversity and inclusion in our company. As a member of the Linde Inclusion Integration Council, I am proud to be an active part on this journey.”

Simone Hahn photo

Simone Hahn

"I enjoy working on the Linde Inclusion Integration Council because we are making a difference with accelerating speed. We take the experiences from the different regions, legacies, backgrounds and combine it with open mindedness to get change done."

Michael Ullrich photo

Michael Ullrich

“I am fully committed to further drive diversity and inclusion at Linde. As a member of the Linde Inclusion Integration Council, I foster pragmatic and measurable actions jointly with my colleagues. We aim to anchor these values firmly in our organization and to really enhance diversity on all levels of the company, especially at Linde Engineering. It is my experience that diversity of any kind (e.g. genders, international background) clearly correlates with better performance, more creative idea generation and an inspiring work environment.”