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Diversity and Inclusion Videos

A Core Value

Steve Angel, Chief Executive Officer, Linde

Steve Angel, Chief Executive Officer at Linde, talks about how we can harness our immense cultural diversity.

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Tips for Inclusive Leadership

Todd Skare, Chief Technology Officer, Linde

Todd Skare, Chief Technology Officer at Linde, shares some of his tips for inclusive leadership.

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Business Accountability for Diversity and Inclusion

Sanjiv Lamba, Executive Vice President, APAC

Sanjiv Lamba, Executive Vice President, APAC at Linde, discusses how diversity and inclusion play an important part in achieving our mission, particularly in this very diverse region of the world.

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Achieving our Aspirational Goal of “30 by 30”

Jens Waldeck, Business President, Central Europe Region at Linde, shares leadership tactics to achieve our aspirational gender balance goal of "30 by 30".

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