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Diversity and Inclusion Videos

A Core Value

Steve Angel, Chief Executive Officer, Linde

Steve Angel, Chief Executive Officer at Linde, talks about how we can harness our immense cultural diversity.

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Below is Linde’s historical archive of our bi-monthly Inclusion Boosts.  Inclusion Boosts are micro-learning nuggets delivered by Linde Leaders, to refresh and enhance our understanding of inclusion principles and reinforce the Linde values.  These Inclusion Boosts are designed to help our employees, learn, develop and grow.

Developing Female Leaders for Business Operations - November 2020

Patricia Garza, Vice President Merchant and Onsite Gas Mexico

Patricia Garza, Vice President Merchant and Onsite Gas Mexico, shares best practices and her experience and perspective about career development for women in an inclusive workplace.

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Advocating for Change to Become More Inclusive - September 2020

Todd Dunn Vice President Operations LGUS

Todd Dunn, Vice President of Operations for Linde Gas U.S, shares three lessons learned about advocating for change.

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Driving Inclusion Through a Global Crisis - June 2020

Nic Black GM Industrial NSW South Pacific

Nic Black, GM Industrial NSW South Pacific, shares her ideas about leveraging inclusion for employee engagement, innovation and through community partnerships.

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Achieving our Aspirational Goal of “30 by 30” - March 2020

Jens Waldeck, Business President, Central Europe Region at Linde, shares leadership tactics to achieve our aspirational gender balance goal of "30 by 30".

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Business Accountability for Diversity and Inclusion - December 2019

Sanjiv Lamba, Executive Vice President, APAC

Sanjiv Lamba, Executive Vice President, APAC at Linde, discusses how diversity and inclusion play an important part in achieving our mission, particularly in this very diverse region of the world.

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Tips for Inclusive Leadership - August 2019

Todd Skare, Chief Technology Officer, Linde

Todd Skare, Chief Technology Officer at Linde, shares some of his tips for inclusive leadership.

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