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"30 by 30": Gender Balance by 2030

Men and women diverse group of employees

Linde Commits to ’30 by 30’ Gender Balance Goal

In 2020, Linde set a measurable and achievable “30 by 30” gender balance goal, to achieve 30% females at all professional levels by the year 2030.  

This goal was developed after benchmarking the available talent pool in engineering and the manufacturing industry to ensure our goal was realistic. Consistent with our culture of accountability and inclusion, this goal is tracked and measured annually, and is owned by every part of the organization. We developed a three-pronged toolkit for the entire company to use:

  • Business Accountability: Each business or function delivers an annual diversity action plan, tracks it quarterly and is evaluated on its performance
  • Strengthening the Pipeline: Linde has identified more than 200 high-potential female and minority employees and 175 global sponsors to work with them, giving them proactive career development plans and leadership training
  • Training for Inclusion: Linde provides “unconscious bias” training to all LGG19+ and bi-monthly “inclusion boosts” to reaffirm the 30 by 30 goal  

These tactics have been maintained despite the COVID-19 pandemic, and Linde remains committed to its goal.